Welcome to Your Golf Adventure!

What is it about golf that makes people spend thousands and even millions of dollars? Although not all people are born with the gift of the magic swing, that doesn’t stop people from investing in the luxury sport.

Even youngsters are getting in the hype. Teenagers as young as 12 are golfing already.

We actually can’t blame them, because golf is one of the best past times in the world. Just the thought of being able to get a hole-in-one is enough to keep you up at night.


Although it might sound simplistic, hitting a small ball with a bar, when you start doing it, you will understand why it’s so fun, and why millions of people are into it.

In this site you will find some basic tips about golf, where to find the best golf courses in America, and Europe. This is the beginning of your golfing adventure. Come and join the club!