What is the best way to learn golf?

The best way to learn golf is your determination to learn. You don’t have to hire any professionals that will teach you to learn golf. First you must start with practicing small, start with putting, chipping and 100yrd shots before you go to the range and start spraying or duffing balls with a driver. You should also play with people that is more better than you. Even if it seem to be more frustrating for some to play with a new golfer just ask anyone the you are comfortable with so that you won’t piss them, You just have to welcome the opportunity to collect some knowledge through your actual experience.

Record every practice sessions you are doing and compare it to a professional golfer ask if your swing resembles most or if there has any positive and negative feed backs with your swing. Find a pro golfer with the same form and swing plane just like you. Always go to the driving rage so that you can practice your moves and you can learn quickly.


You must practice with a purpose and follow all the correct techniques that you learn from a pro golfer. Don’t just go to the field just by swaying. Play a golf as if you are in the actual game. Always do and follow your solid foundation just like 免洗劑洗衣 cleans the clothes and play it with all your heart if you are really serious on learning.

Many thanks to our business partner Amanda J. Valdez that shared this information to us!