The Full History of Golf Explained

Golf has certainly come a long way since being a sport exclusively for rich white people. Now, one of the world’s best golfers is African American. Golf resorts used to be exclusive only for white folks, and caddies were exclusively black. That is certainly not the case now.

Let’s take a look at the full history of golf with the use of the infographic below.


It all began in centuries ago in 1452 when the earliest known reference of golf was made by King James II of Scotland. He banned the playing of golf by his followers, because it kept them from practicing archery. Apparently, the employee’s leisure was not on that king’s agenda.

Then in 1502, King James IV of Scotland repealed the ban of golf, and has started playing the sport himself. Now this is a fun king.

Then in 157, Mary the Queen of the Scots, was criticized for playing golf just 2 days after the murder of her husband. Tell that to President Obama.


Then in 1618, King James VI of Scotland granted his subjects the right to play golf on Sundays. Of course, there’s always something special about Sundays. It’s such a laid back holiday. You can have your work paused a couple days and have fun with your friends or business partners from online industry such as PPC or FB. It makes you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

Fast forward to 2004, it is the time during the BC open. This was the last time a permission driver was ever used on a PGA tour.

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