My Beginner’s Guide to Golf. Includes lots of useful information

Are you interested in playing golf or you just want to know the basic steps on how to play golf ? Well, here are some guides for you about the basic beginner’s guide that will be useful for you in knowing the sports golf. Here are the basic golf terminology. in playing Golf there’s a lot of  own language you are going to learn they have their own lingo that you need to know to communicate easily with the players of golf It can be very exciting.


There are so many rules in playing golf,but most of them are not terribly important. You are also required on what is the proper attire in playing for you to be comfortable and easier to move. You should know the right etiquette because there are some common mistakes that you should know like “Not repairing your pitch marks, Not keeping up with the pace of play , Talking while people taking their shots, Not picking up you tees , Giving unsolicited  advice, Hitting the ball near other people, Not letting people play through, Parking the golf cart or pulling the cart on the green.


Standing very close to the cup is also prohibited, Walking or casting shadows on people’s putting lines ,Standing too close to a player swinging his club is also one of the rules that is strictly prohibited. If you have the passion for this kind of sport you should know first all the right etiquette and you have to familiarized all the rules to prevent from wasting money. In the past few years, the color teal has become a very popular color choice for mothers of the bride.Teal Mother of the Bride attire design by jasmine has something to do with the perfect attire that mothers really like. The reason teal is so popular is that it is a very rich and luxurious color without being too overwhelming or bright

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