Some Facts About the Checking In Your Golf Bag

How much do you know about this multi-million dollar sport? After reading this article, you’ll probably say not much.

First, did you know that some airlines are more friendly to golfers than others?

Some airlines charge more in the first baggage fee, and the second baggage fee than others. There are also hidden charges like overweight fee charges.


Another thing to worry about is lost baggage. Many golfers have had to go through the trouble of finding their luggage before their big game. They land at the airport destination, walk up to the baggage claim and find out that the last bag from your flight is still unclaimed. You go to the baggage customer service, and finally the agent starts making some sense and searches the data base and dial some folks. Finally you find your clubs, but by the time you go to the course, it’s already too late, your clubs arrived late.


The following airlines are known to be very golf friendly. These are Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, AirTran, and jetBlue.

Yes, you may not believe it, but golfers have experienced this nightmare of a situation where their golf clubs get lost in the baggage.

They end up in some foreign country. You’ve got to ensure that your clubs are secure and that they arrive when you arrive.

The last thing you want is to miss your big game, because some airline company has a couple of boo boos. What a waste of money that would be.